Djibouti International Trade Fair

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foire Djibouti

The Chamber of Commerce of Djibouti, which has been the institution representing the private sector for more than 100 years, organizes the first "Djibouti International Trade Fair" as part of its activities to promote companies in Djibouti and the national shopping center ", From 03 to 07 December 2017 in Djibouti.

This event is intended to bring together suppliers, customers and service providers in Djibouti and its sub-region and all their partners around the world.

The Republic of Djibouti has bet on the deployment of its transport infrastructures meeting the international standards, which is backed by its geographical position that enables it to be a supply and redistribution platform of regional trade, wishes through this Fair to strengthen its commercial position.

Finally, this event will give participants the opportunity to understand the quality of services (transport, ports, free zones, banks...) available in Djibouti.

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