1st edition, 2017

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2017 Global Talent Competitiveness Index

The Fourth edition of the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI), published by INSEAD, assesses the ability of 118 countries to attract and retain talent.

The 2017 report explores the effects of technological change on the competitiveness of talents. It confirms that even though the growing phenomenon of automation has an impact on employment at all levels, technologies are generating new opportunities.

This year, Tunisia has been ranked 77th thus being the first Maghreb country in the ranking.

Tunisia ranks relatively high as regards talent retention and the provision of professional and technical skills and especially the general knowledge of its human resources. However, it ranks low as regards skills development and attraction of talent.

It should be noted that the United Arab Emirates were ranked 19th, Qatar 21st, Saudi Arabia 42nd, Bahrain 47th, Kuwait 57th, Jordan 58th, Oman 59th, Lebanon 62nd, while Egypt ranked in the 88th Position, Morocco's 96th and Algeria's 107th.

Algeria and Belgium sign a Memorandum of Understanding on Maritime and Port Training

Last March, Algeria and Belgium signed, in Brussels, a memorandum of agreement (MOA) in Maritime and port training to contribute to the development of skills in those fields.

The agreement was signed by the chief-executive officer of the port services group SERPORT, Mohamed Yassine Hafiane, and the managing director of the Belgian centre for training of executives in the port and maritime fields (APEC), Kristof Waterschoot, on the sidelines of a visit paid by Minister of Public Works and Transport, Boudjemaa Talai to Belgium.

The memorandum of agreement is meant to set up a common framework for the development of cooperation in maritime and port training between SERPORT group and APEC.

Cooperation between SERPORT and APEC will mainly concern exchange of information, trainers, experts and experiences in training on maritime and port trades.

Ambitious project will help make Riyadh among the world’s top 100 cities

Saudi Arabia’ largest entertainment, cultural and sports city will be built over an area of 334 square kilometres. The city, the first of its kind in the world, will also have a major safari area.

This ambitious project falls within Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030 to diversify the sources of national income, boost Saudi economy and create more employment opportunities for young people.

The project aims at boosting the country’s position as an important international centre in attracting foreign investments.

Dubai – the world’s highest building “The Tower”

image 10

The Belgian construction group Besix Group has been awarded the contract for the preliminary works to the construction of the Tower in Dubai, which will be the world’s highest building. Besix is also a candidate for the construction of the tower itself, but no decision has yet been taken.

The Tower is to be built for the World Expo 2020 in Dubai and will exceed 1,000 meters in height.

"I am confident that we will succeed, and we must now put our best offer," said Johan Beerlandt, former CEO of Besix Group, who has been replaced on 3 April by Rik Vandenberghe, former CEO of ING Belgium.

Largest European butane tank in Antwerp

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Oiltanking Antwerp Gas Terminal (OTAG) is building a butane tank that will enable Ineos to purchase butane from around the world and store it in large quantities in the port of Antwerp. With this new development Antwerp once more sets itself on the world map for handling of liquid bulk.

Doubling of tank capacity

OTAG is investing more than 100 million euros in new tank storage capacity and a new landing jetty for Ineos. With the construction of a 135,000 m³ butane tank the company will practically double the capacity of its terminal on the Left bank by 2019, to 273,000 m³, thus making it the largest independent gas terminal in North-West Europe.

Emirates Manager Belgium, Becomes Chairman of National Board of Airlines Representatives

image 11Jean-Pierre Martin, Emirates Country Manager Belgium and Luxembourg, has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Airlines Representatives (BAR) in Belgium. He is elected by the board of directors for a two-year mandate, until March 1st 2019.

The BAR in Belgium is the local industry representation of 33 regular airlines members. The purpose of the association is to defend the interests of its members for various industry issues including policy, regulation, airport capacity, environment, taxation and charges and interact with various organizations, commissions and authorities which could influence the interests and the development of the BAR members in Belgium.

Jean-Pierre Martin commented: "Aviation is a passion, and I am delighted to be offered the opportunity to be of service to the industry in Belgium. I am very grateful to the Belgian BAR board for my nomination. As a Belgian national and Manager of Emirates in Belux, I have a clear understanding of aviation issues at local level, with regional and international implications, I will ensure to serve the Belgium Board of Airline Representatives as best I can".


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