Street: Ledebaan 45
Postcode: 9260
City: Wichelen
Country: Belgium
Phone: +32 495 87 90 90
Contact Person: Mrs. Sigrid BRONDEEL, Manager/Business Owner


Surprising, sophisticated, stylish and artistic

SigridB. combines expertise and a love for designing jewellery. Sigrid Brondeel is a Belgian jewellery designer 'pur sang' with years of experience and schooling. She is famous for her magnificent, exclusive creations that are oriented towards national and international audiences.

She discovered a passion for jewellery at a very young age and her creativity still has no boundaries. SigridB. only uses a selection of the best gems and pearls for her creations. Her creativity radiates a love of the profession. 'A deep understanding of women's innermost desires combined with a personal passion for aesthetic perfection, handiwork and style; these are the trademarks of my jewellery collection.' A collection that is steadily conquering the entire world.

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Located in: Textiles

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