Tunisian Business delegation to Belgium

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Lux et Tunisie

On the 24th April 2019, the Arab-Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce,in collaboration with, FIT, AWEX, Tunisian Agency for the Promotion of Foreign Investment (FIPA), and with the support of the Embassy of Tunisia in Brussels,  welcomed a Tunisian business delegation carrying out an economic mission in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Our guest speakers were :
• SE. Mr. Mohamed Ridha BEN MOSBAH, Ambassador of Tunisia in Brussels
• Mr. Abdellatif MOKHTAR, Membre et Président de la Commission des Marchés de la CCIT
• Mrs. Isabelle GRIPPA, CEO of Hub Brussels
• Mr. Mokhtar CHOUARI, CEO of FIPA


Mr. Qaisar HIJAZIN, Secretary-General of the Arab Belgian Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (ABLCC), was pleased to welcome numerous big and small companies from very different economic sectors, He was glad to see that Belgian companies are really motivated to take part to this event.

B2B Tunisie

Through this gathering, attended by 90 participants HE. Mr. Mohamed Ridha BEN MOSBAH aims at shedding light on the importance of Belgian Tunisian relations whilst contributing accurate and up-to-date information on the various developments in Tunisia thanks to his expertise and unique insight, Mr. Mokhtar CHOUARI, gave an overview of the multiple economic opportunities of Investments in Tunisia.

Three Belgian Companies (SBI-BMI, EURA NOVA, ALLOCLOUD) testified their experience in Tunisia and highlighted that Tunisia is a competitive country, with a dynamic growth, simplified procedures, and a pleasant living condition. After the morning seminar, our participants also had the occasion to participated to a pre- arranged B2B meeting and meet the delegation of Tunisian women and businessmen, representing more than a dozen companies in growth sectors for the Belgian economy (ICT, Environment, Renewable Energies, Materials from Construction, Building, Textile, Training and Consulting, Health, Tourism, Services and Agribusiness).

podium tunisie1

On the 25th, a Seminar and B2B meeting and sites visits has been organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg.

“Morocco and Belgium: A Princely Mission for more powerful synergies”

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Lunch Conference Morocco opt

Yesterday, 07 March 2019, the Arab-Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with, Awex, and FIT, had the pleasure to invite their members and friends to a lunch-conference “Morocco and Belgium: A Princely Mission for more powerful synergies” in order to review alltogether the outcomes of the Belgian Economic Mission to Morocco headed by HRH Princess Astrid in November 2018.

Our guest speakers were:

  • HE Mohamed AMEUR, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco in Brussels
  • HE Cécile JODOGNE, State Secretary of the Brussels-Capital Region, in charge of Foreign Trade
  • Mr. Nabil JIJAKLI, Deputy CEO at Credendo Group

This lunch-conference, attended by 65 participants, represented a unique opportunity to share our speakers' insights, obtain a broader perspective on the follow-up of the Princely Mission, as well as to obtain some highlights on the Moroccan Economy and identify trade opportunities and country economic indicators.

Our participants also had the chance dialogue with our speakers and diplomats from the Embassy of Morocco and thus further discuss their own projects and find answers to their questions.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Private meeting at the Residence of HE Albudaiwi, Ambassador of Kuwait

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Kuwaiti ambassador Jasem al Budaiwi with members of the Belgian trade delegation KUNA photo1 Copy

On 05 March 2019, a Belgian Business Mission organized by FIT, Awex, and will visit the State of Kuwait.

Arab-Belgian Diplomatic Business Lunch

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IMG 20190130 WA0001

Your Excellencies, we are fully aware of the large number of engagements that occupy your agendas and we deeply appreciate the importance you accord to the Arab-Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and its members by your presence here today”.
Qaisar Hijazin, Secretary General of the ABLCC

It has now been 10 years since the first edition of the now renowned « Arab-Belgian Diplomatic Business meeting » organized by the Arab-Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, in close relation with the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Linklaters, on Tuesday 29 January 2019.

On the strength of its increasingly wide reputation, this highly prized event gathered more than 140 participants with top-level personalities!

The ABLCC had the honour to welcome HE Riad SALAME, Gouvernor of the Banque du Liban and HE Raoul DELCORDE, Ambassador and Director Middle-East North Africa, FPS Foreign Affairs, as guest speakers.

HE Raoul Delcorde gave us a comprehensive and up-to-date overview about matters of greatest importance for Belgium in the Middle East and North Africa.

HE Riad Salame expended on the situation in the MENA region and the challenges faced by lebanon in this context.

Among the prestigious personalities were also: HE Cecile Jodogne, State Secretary of the Brussels-Capital Region, in charge of Foreign Trade, and HE Raed Charafeddine, first Vice-Governor of the Banque du Liban.

The ABLCC was also particularly delighted to welcome 24 Arab and Belgian Ambassadors.

On the Belgian side we welcomed:

  • HE Pierre GILLON, Ambassador of Belgium in ALGERIA
  • HE Sibille DE CARTIER D’YVES, Ambassador of Belgium in EGYPT
  • HE Hendrik VAN DE VELDE, Ambassador of Belgium in JORDAN & IRAQ
  • HE Piet HEIRBAUT, Ambassador of Belgium in KUWAIT & BAHRAIN
  • HE Hubert COOREMAN, Ambassador of Belgium in LEBANON
  • HE Marc TRENTESEAU, Ambassador of Belgium in MOROCCO & MAURITANIA
  • Mrs. Danielle HAVEN, Consul General in PALESTINE
  • HE Bart DE GROOF, Ambassador of Belgium in Qatar
  • HE Dominique MINEUR, Ambassador of Belgium in SAUDI ARABIA
  • HE Michel-Etienne TILEMANS, Ambassador of Belgium in TUNISIA & LIBYA
  • HE Peter CLAES, Ambassador of Belgium in the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

On the Arab side we welcomed:

  • HE Najeem AL-ABRI, Ambassador of Oman, Dean of the Arab diplomatic Corps
  • HE Abdulrahman S. ALAHMED, Ambassador of Saudi Arabia
  • HE Dr Yousef BATAINEH, Ambassador of Jordan to Belgium
  • HE Dr. Mutrif Siddig Ali NIMMERY, Ambassador of Sudan to Belgium
  • HE Dr Bahiya Jawad ALJESHI, Ambassador of Bahrain to Belgium
  • HE Jasem Mohamed AL BUDAIWI, Ambassador Kuwait to Belgium
  • HE Mohamed Taha MUSTAFA, Ambassador of Yemen to Belgium
  • HE Mohamed AMEUR, Ambassador of Morocco to Belgium
  • HE Mohamed Issa ABUSHAHAB, Ambassador of United Arab Emirates to Belgium
  • HE Abdulrahman Bin Suleiman AL-KHULAIFI, Ambassador of Qatar to Belgium
  • HE Fadi HAJALI, Ambassador of Lebanon to Belgium
  • HE Khaled EL BAKLY, Ambassador of Egypt to Belgium
  • HE Mohamed Ridha BEN MOSBAH, Ambassador of Tunisia to Belgium
  • HE Abdalrahman ALFARRA, Ambassador of Palestine to Belgium
  • Mr. Nureddin MAZEN, Chargé d’Affaires a.i., Embassy of Libya
  • Dr. Fadil Abdul Hussein AL RAHIM, Chargé d’Affaires a.i. Embassy of Iraq

Through this gathering, the ABLCC aims at shedding light on the importance of Arab-Belgian relations whilst contributing accurate and up-to-date information on the various developments in the Arab-world thanks to the expertise and unique insight of their distinguished guests.

The walking lunch format - for which the ABLCC opted - presented a good opportunity for the participants to discuss in person with BELGIAN and ARAB AMBASSADORS, to develop business relations, and to lay the foundation for future collaboration.

As usual, this was a successful event and we are looking forward to the next edition!

ABLCC Gala Dinner - in presence of HRH Princess Astrid of Belgium

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ABLCC Gala Dinner Princess Astrid 2

On Friday 07 December 2018, the Arab-Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce celebrated its landmark 40th anniversary with a sumptuous Gala Dinner attended by more than 170 invited guests.

This 40th anniversary was an exceptional event graced with the gracious presence of Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid of Belgium.

Among the distinguished guests were:

  • HE Didier Reynders, Federal Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs
  • HE Cécile Jodogne, Secretary of State for Foreign Trade & Investment for the Brussels-Capital Region and Minister of the French Community Commission in charge of Civil Service and Health Policy
  • HE Mohammed Abdo Saeed, Chairman of the Union of Arab Chambers
  • HE Dr. Khaled Hanafy, Secretary General of the Union of Arab Chambers
  • All Arab Ambassadors in Belgium

Mr. Johan Beerlandt, Chairman of the ABLCC, who officially opened this celebration, underlined the evolution of relations between Belgium and the Arab world which is the 7th economic partner of Belgium with a level of exchange reaching more than €19 billion in 2017. Likewise, he pointed out that the level of exchange between Luxembourg and the Arab world has more than doubled in the past 15 years.

ABLCC Gala Dinner Princess Astrid opt

Then, the two guest speakers, HE Didier Reynders, Federal Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, and HE Dr Khaled Hanafy, Secretary General of the Union of Arab Chambers, took the floor in turn and praised the valuable contribution of the ABLCC in building stronger trade and economic relations between Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Arab world.

After these very positive speeches, all invitees enjoyed a small film tracing the history of the ABLCC from its creation till nowadays.

The celebration of the 40th anniversary of the ABLCC was also a good opportunity to give recognition to some important people, for their precious and continuous support to the ABLCC, during an Award Ceremony presented by HE Mohammed Abdo Saeed, new Chairman of the Union of Arab Chambers, and Mr. Qaisar Hijazin, Secretary General of the ABLCC.

Some lucky invitees then had the chance to win plane tickets generously offered by Mr. Jean-Pierre Martin, Country Manager Belux at Emirates, and Mr. Raouf Khelil, General Manager Benelux at Tunisair, during a prize-giving ceremony.

To conclude this memorable event, Mr. Qaisar Hijazin, Secretary General of the ABLCC, conveyed his special gratitude to Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid of Belgium for honouring the ABLCC with Her gracious presence on the occasion of this landmark anniversary. "This is a sign of recognition of our endeavours to build bridges between our nations and it encourages us in our determination to go on carrying out our Mission", he said.

 Private meeting Princess Astid opt

He then thanked the Arab Ambassadors, all present on this occasion, for their trust and active contribution in the activities of the ABLCC. He also thanked the Union of Arab Chambers as well as joint Arab Chambers, who travelled especially for this celebration, for their continuous encouragements and the successful collaboration over the years.

Finally, he underlined the fruitful collaboration with Belgian and Luxembourg official bodies which is of key importance.

Last but not least, he concluded by saying that "tonight’s celebration would not be possible without the wonderful support of all our members, friends, partners, and our very generous sponsors"!

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