Salon Méditerranéen de l'Agriculture et de l'Agroalimentaire/ 14-17 Novembre 2018

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Dear Partner,

The Tunisian Economic Recovery encourages us to get involved in a direct way in Both of the agriculture and agri-food sectors, supposed to be the essential factors of development of any country.

In consultation with national and international experts, we have found that an International exhibition of Agriculture and Agri-food of a large-scale, would be sure, and added value to this strategic sector and generator of wealth and jobs.

The strategic positioning of Tunisia in the Mediterranean basin as well as the grand Maghreb, is in itself a major asset to highlight, without forgetting the mechanisms already lubricated at the level of banks, insurance, customs, land…,which provide a serene climate for any Tunisian or foreign investor.

We decided to put all our expertise and to involve the maximum of professionals and experts for the success of this international event in its third edition. With the participation of our economic operators as well as the main promotional organizations, we will bend every effort to make this event a reference platform that will host all professionals, a place of exchange, promotion and innovation.

This International Agriculture and Agrifood Fair "Agromed 2018" is certainly, a boon for professionals in the sector, but also an opportunity for the public to see ready loan what it consumes. Isn’t that in the end our concern is the consumer.

You want to develop your brand image or make known your products? You are manufacturer of machines of processes, packaging and packaging machines? You are a direct or indirect stakeholder in the agriculture and agri-food sectors … and in addition you love Tunisia…? Then do not hesitate and join us from 14 to 17 November 2018 and be part of the exhibitors at the fair.

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Mr.Eymen DOSS
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Address : Zone Sidi Abdelhamid-Route de Monastir-Rue Hédi Bousslama-4061 Sousse
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