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1st edition, 2016

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In Memoriam


On behalf of our Chamber, we would like to express our grief, solidarity, and our profound dismay, as well as to condemn these cowardly terrorist attacks that have struck so many innocent victims on March 22, 2016, in Brussels.

At this sad time, our thoughts go out to the victims and to their families.

Following the events, we have received many messages of solidarity from around the world including those of various Arab Mixed Chambers of Commerce. All of them share our deep sadness, misunderstanding, and our pain, but they also share our hope for a more peaceful world.

We shall work together and cooperate beyond borders to face these terrorist attacks targeting innocent people all around the world. This is where our Belgian and European Mottos “unity is strength” and “united in diversity” take on their full dimension.

Yes, we will grieve, but we will also show our resistance and resilience in response to the terrorist threat, and we will stand firm!

4th edition, 2015

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New Members of the Chamber


Schuwe Maandagstraat 17, 8800 Roeselare

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Contact: Mr. Anthony SERCU, Managing Director
Tel: +32 51 24 34 32
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3rd edition, 2015

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Dear Members,
Dear Partners,
Dear Friends,

Holiday season is just round the corner...

It is always a great pleasure to work with you and to welcome you to our various events.

More events, such as Economic Missions, Seminars, Economic Forum, and the like, are yet to come for the rest of the year 2015. Don’t forget to visit our website for updated information and make sure to mark your calendar!

The Arab-Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce team is looking forward to seeing you again soon and wishes you all a nice summer and Ramadan Karim!

Johan Beerlandt
Qaisar Hijazin
Secretary General

2nd edition, 2015

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New Members of the Chamber


Vosseschijnstraat 59, 2030 Antwerpen


Manuport Logistics offers its customers highly personalised logistics services. Starting from our freight forwarding expertise and a thorough, sound knowledge of the market, our experienced team develops tailor-made concepts that deliver a real competitive advantage. We offer a unique mix of logistics services – combining: sea, road, rail and air transport with warehousing and inland solutions. Manuport has its own international offices in France, Brazil, U.A.E., China and a worldwide network of first-class logistics partners. We handle industrial products (chemicals, fertilizers, glass,…), breakbulk (metals, project cargo,…), consumer goods (sundries, floor coverings, automotive,…) and food (frozen vegetables and french fries, chocolates,…).

Contact: Mr. Luc GEERTS, Project & Senior Key Account Manager
Tel: +32 3 204 95 11
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Website: www.manuport-logistics.be

Our Partners

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